Your Multilingual Event

Preparing and hosting an event is a challenging job. And when you have international guests and speakers, language becomes a potential obstacle towards the success of the event.

Let us help you. We can sort out all the necessary elements to make certain that your guests can communicate and understand each other.

Preparing for your event

Organizing your multilingual event can be a daunting experience, which is why we invite you to delegate that task to us. With a combined experience of 20 years, we will ensure that participants receive your message smoothly and make themselves understood as well.

Expressing ideas in a foreign language is more than just words or grammar. Language conveys culture and that is our field of specialization. Even if you know the native language of your audience, we invite you to let us be your voice in the target language, so you can focus on delivering your intended message in your own language with all its singularities.

Working with professionals

We are professional certified interpreters with over two decades of combined experience in many different fields (such as hospitality, tourism, sports, agriculture, among others). In addition, we are well aware of the ever changing market, which is why we are constantly working towards professional growth and development via conferences, training sessions and more. Our interpreting services add value to your event.

Defining your needs

Your required services will vary significantly depending on many different factors. A business meeting would greatly benefit from consecutive interpreting, while conferences with specific time constraints would prosper from simultaneous interpreting. Let’s discuss your event details, get in touch with us and we will determine the type of services that best suit your needs.

Translation Services

As professional full time translators we can also make sure to have your written material translated for you prior to your big day or after the event as a follow up. For example, if you have a timetable of the event for participants, or printouts with information on the subject discussed to be distributed, or perhaps minutes that summarize what has happened during a meeting, we have the linguistic knowledge and experience to help you reach your audience clearly and concisely.

Multilingual Services

We count on an extensive pool of professional interpreters, which means we can coordinate interpreting into many different languages. Making yourself understood in Spanish, English, Portuguese, and French will help you reach all American markets.

Your business is flexible, so are we.

We understand you need flexibility to conduct your business which is why we adapt to your needs. We can join you at your networking event, business dinner, executive lunch, factory visit, or film shooting.

Successful multilingual communication involves many people in different roles. Proper coordination will help you in effectively conducting your business.